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For more on the history of the Schmidt-Rubin series click here. In fact technically, the K31 is not a Schmidt-Rubin, although it is still a straight-pull.

The K31 action was shortened and the locking lugs were moved to the front of the bolt.

Gun shows, Gun Stores, Mail-Order and Online Vendors. As for Online Vendors, I keep an Online Vendor Price and Availability Page.

Two other source for K31s are FGS Inc and Simpsons Ltd.

However prices from to 5 seem to be the norm. However, the long answer goes like this: GP11 ammunition is Berdan primed. Others have reported extraction problems when using .284 WIN, but most report no problems at all.. It safe to fire modern 7.5x55 rounds in 1896/11s, 1911s and K31s.

It can be reloaded, but takes somewhat more effort than boxer primed brass. If you wish to fire your Model 1889, you are going to have to reload your own cartridges. Quite a few Model 89s were altered to a configuration similar to above in the 50s and/or 60s.

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At the same time the 1911 Rifle was introduced, shorter barreled 1911 carbines were also newly manufactured..

Various gunwriters question well it would have handles the mud and abuse of a combat situation. They point to the fact that the rifle experienced many of the harsh conditions of combat during training exercises, without fail.

It should also be noted that Swiss Rifles were never intended to be used outside of Switzerland, thus would always be close to repair facilities. In the 1930s a special run of 100 K31s were produced for use by the Vatican's Swiss Guards. In addition, in 1949 Hmmerli produced 200 K31 for Nicaragua, however the shipment ended up going to Israel.

Is is unknown whether or not these rifles saw any combat. Your average Mauser will give 2"-4" groups at 100 yards.

Weatherby, who rifles sell in the 00 range these days, guarantees a 1.5" group at 100 yards.

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