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Paul Oakden has been accused of leading a Catch Me If You Can lifestyle after posing as a pilot on Mingle Ville.In the 2007 postings under the name Lone Flyer, Mr Oakden boasted a “career” as a pilot. I took the family home, a third of his income permentaly and much more. So sad, because we were together a total of 35 years. I recently found out his Fb password and read the most heartbreaking words i've ever heard come out of his mouth. As I had been training for my pilot’s licence I put that as my occupation.“I’m flattered to be reminded that fellow users rated me 10 out of 10, although I am obviously embarrassed that people will now know I used to work for Andrew Bridgen.”Mr Oakden was propelled into the role as party chairman last month as Ukip was plunged into civil war after the resignation of Mr Farage as leader.Hours after former deputy leader Paul Nuttall called for unity, Steve Crowther announced he was stepping down as chairman, with Mr Oakden appointed as a temporary replacement until the new leader is chosen in September.

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That’s right ladies and gents, I see my husband for about a week a month. destinations are limited, so he pays full fare to meet his airline in New York, Atlanta or Dallas, and then spends 16 hours to get all the way back to Taiwan before he can be the flying pilot. A Crash Pad is an apartment or home filled with bunk beds that holds as many pilots as possible.

“Walter Mittys seeking a role in politics – in the end they will let down not just us but themselves.

I need us to have a disciplined election machine.”But last night Mr Oakden shrugged off the Walter Mitty accusation and defended his posts on the dating website.

He said: “Yes, I was on this social networking site nine years ago.

I didn’t do it under my own name as I was doing work for an aspiring politician.

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