Dating for nonsmokers

This says nothing about looks or humor or kindness or generosity or emotional intelligence or communication or the desire to commit – you know, the things that actually determine whether you’ll have a happy marriage. I know I’ve reduced an emotional decision to an exercise in statistics, but that’s largely because I’ve never seen a good way to issue an emotional argument to an emotional question.Yet good luck asking a woman to compromise on any one of these things that she deems important. We can run down the reasons you object to him smoking – he’ll shorten his lifespan, he’ll taste like cigarettes, his clothes will smell, it’s disgusting, etc., but none of those things are subject to change as long as he smokes.I would run home and beg my parents to quit, only to have my Mom yell at me for “making her feel bad.” Car trips were miserable. In order to breathe clean air, my siblings and I would pull our shirts over our mouths and noses for the duration of the car trip.

The first thing she did when she woke up in the morning was reach over and light a cigarette.The faculty would make snide comments about my parents, which as a child was hard to hear.Other kids didn’t want to play at our house because it always reeked of smoke.The other day he told me that he has already started looking for a house for us and that he plans to marry me next year and wants to start a family a year later.He has been working overtime at his job to make this happen and every month he shows me his bank statement. Glad to hear that your self-help has been self-helping you to attract better quality men.

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