Dating half your age plus 7

Heck, I'm dating a girl 9 weeks older than me and a friend of mine said that would bother him! When I was 28 I got quite involved with a 20 year old and right at the beginning something gnawed at me though I could never put my finger what it was.

Seeing as she violated the rule by a year, maybe that was it. Alas, it was a long time ago, she was the one that "got away".

So a 10-year old man can only date women 12 or older? A 80-year old man and a 47 -year old woman would definitely raise some questions too.

I say it only applies to men because it is generally more socially common for men to date somewhat younger women (as in the above examples) but not the other way around. Though there are all kinds of exceptions and contrary examples, I know I know. Odd that I'd never heard of this rule before, but maybe there's something too it.

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A bright young thing considering a silver fox should also take heart from a study by Britain’s Office of National Statistics.Could a smaller age gap also make couples more likely to stay together?In 2014, the claimed that “a five year age difference makes a couple 18 percent more likely to get divorced, compared to a couple born on or around the same year.” While the study cited – which polled American couples and ex-couples – did show an association between divorce rates and age gaps, it did not prove a causal link.If he's 40, then the "minimum" age would be 27 before people starting thinking things of him.But of course it breaks down, like any approximation.

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