Dating married men blog sex pitchures for dating

However, for those of you still on the dating scene, more often than not, gay men and straight women are finding themselves ensnared in an emotional and physical spiderweb with someone who is married.

He’s in no position to deal with another relationship.

And no, do not orchestrate, encourage or facilitate the break-up or divorce. (Happy married men cheat too, because human beings are inherently non-monogamous even though we like to think we are monogamous by nature.) Don’t become his scapegoat nonetheless, though. A greater percentage of husbands who promise to leave their wives for other women actually do not do so. Besides, when he looks at you, he sees you as nothing, just a place he goes to for a moment of satisfaction.

He will have little or no respect for you, and who is to blame? He comes to you for comfort, for you to make him feel good and then you feel like you’ve been used because he has to go home to his wife. Even if he leaves, he may very well end up doing so simply because his cheating caused the marriage to flop.

He has to heal from the separation or divorce and the fact of losing his wife and kids.

He may even blame you for the failure of his marriage, if it is that his wife found out about you.

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