Dating meets destiny

Destiny also keeps secrets and avoids confrontation; having inadvertantly stolen an expensive chair from her neighbor and then dismantling it for an art project, as well as answering a personal ad that brings a creeper stalker into her life and the lives of her family members, Destiny knows she has done wrong but hopes to avoid addressing the problems she has brought on herself and the consequences of her actions.With the help of her sister, Destiny eventually realizes she must face her problems head-on.

But Beatle already has a girlfriend who just happens to be his twin sister’s best friend.

Destiny has her own share of secrets – like that she sort of stole (it looked like trash, honestly) a really prized antique chair from her neighbor to use in her art project and, after answering a personal ad as a joke, she sort of attracted a kind of creepy stalker into the lives of her family members.

Although a relationship between Beatle and Destiny seems like, well, destined, getting these two together is a hilariously rocky journey. Characters banter about different parts of town, the name of local businesses, various landmarks and quirks of area public transportation.

: The third person narrative style of the novel provides a uniquely conversational tone to the novel.

The narrator at times even calls out to the reader directly, asking the reader questions, teasing the reader along the way.

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