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When I graduated from middle school, I moved up to high school. However, it still seemed up until my sophomore year that my relationships weren't taken seriously.

I watched friends and acquaintances declare their love for one another and the next day act as if nothing happened.“Among adults or older adolescents or young adults, dating is actually a really good thing,” explains Orpinas, “because you’re more stable, happier, and less likely to do drugs.” But the earlier you start, the more likely the opposite results.“Risk-taking behaviors in adolescents cluster,” says Lynn Ponton, professor of psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco, and the author of The Sex Lives of Teenagers: Revealing the Secret World of Adolescent Boys and Girls.And early-onset dating is an important clue as to whether your child might be a high-risk taker, particularly if it is accompanied by poor grade performance.Naturally, when I did choose to spend my time with someone, I often did my best to not waste my time. It wasn't just something to keep me or him occupied on the weekends. Even then, it still seemed like relatives didn't understand that two young people could actually be in love. 12, we will be celebrating our third year anniversary. Isn't ironic how the relationships we least expect, stick with us?

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