Dating older white men

It’s a noble and romantic notion, but not very practical.

Anyway, I am half Filipino and half Euro-American, and a public historian. I was called the “N” word by Euro-American kids in elementary school for being mixed or “hapa.” My Filipino American father decided that since he had Italian American friends who swore up and down that our family name was Italian, that we would lie about we were. Then I spent another 10 years finding out who I really was and getting up the courage to proclaim it in public. Then we can just hang out and enjoy being in paradise and enjoy what a racially mixed society really can be.

I believe many of these young women who think these men should have risked violence or a lifetime of hard-scrabble in their career life for love have honestly watched too many Disney princess movies.

It’s almost as if they believe every couple should have been like the Lovings, being happy to fight against every obstacle for the sake of love.

But let’s be real here–it’s a lot easier to do because a lot more people are doing it. It’s also not a good idea to judge a person without having a full understanding of who they are. If, after you read it, you think him too cowardly in throwing his hat in the ring at his stage in life, then there’s really not much more I can say.

I have no doubt that some woman who might be reading this in this man’s age group will be intrigued.

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    But don’t do it in the creepy way, as it can easily scare her off. It will be a proof that you distinguish her from the crowd of ordinary passers-by.