Dating people love tajik

This milestone date for our noble people is very important since the young and independent Tajik state was saved from the threat of disappearance and the nation was saved from split, it became the start of the process of revival of the destructions caused by the imposed war and creation of our homeland. Let me in this glorious moment extend my sincere congratulations to the honorable people of Tajikistan, our compatriots overseas, every youngster and adult in Vahdat town and all of us, distinguished participants, on the occasion of the 20 Anniversary of the National Unity Day and wish to your families peace, unity, happiness and wellbeing.

Every citizen of our country disregard their ethnicity, views and political belief should understand that the future development of society, its desires and dreams can be translated into reality only within a strong peace, independence, freedom and national accord.While the industrial products production made TJS 11m in 1997, this figure reached TJS 243m in 2017.Only during the recent years the industrial production increased by 41 times in the town.One of these activities is the launch of multi-profile hospitals, modern health centers and units, particularly rehabilitation of the National TB Centre.A number of sanatoriums and resort centers were renovated and the Ramit valley was proclaimed as a tourism area by the Government Resolution.

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