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After twenty five years the marriage ended in her husband’s death and Polyxena married for a second time to the Chancellor of Bohemia Prince Zdenek Vojtech de Lobkovice.It was during this marriage and at the age of 43 that a son Prince Vaclev was born to the pious couple whose descendents today are one of the most famous families in the Czech Republic.The little child smiled at him and said: Years passed, the monastery increased in size and vocations swelled the once quiets cells and cloistered walls.The monk grew old but found it impossible to forget the small angelic child who paid him a visit during his youth.And of Princess Polyxena; after her generous donation of the wax statue died peacefully aged 86.

The couple gave birth to a daughter Polyxena who in 1587 married the most powerful bohemian Lord William of Rozmberk and the little wax figure was given over to Polyxena as a wedding present.

The Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) was a collection of continuous wars fought in , although disputes over internal politics and the balance of power within the Central European Empire also played a significant part.

The great consequence of the Thirty Years' War was the devastation of entire regions.

His little friend had visited this last time and had taken him home. Teresa of Jesus) and on her travels she would always carry a small replica with her.

Over the following years the statue became revered and honoured by the Spanish people. It is believed that the original figure was gifted by St.

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