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The Code of Ethics w​ill be used by forces and the College to underpin and enhance existing integrity and accountability arrangements.​​The public must be able to trust the police to be competent and to act ethically.The Code of Ethics allows them to assess what they should expect from the police - not just warranted officers but every single person in the profession.The College will publis​​h a summary of the responses to the consultation on this website soon.​Anyone who wishes to make a complaint about unprofessional behaviour by someone in policing should contact the relevant police force or p​​olicing organisation.This can be done online using appropriate websites and forms, in writing or in person.The majority​​ of respondents were in favour of a single Code of Ethics for policing in England and Wales.Many strongly welcomed and supported it, seeing it as necessary, timely and of benefit to both the public and those working within policing.

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The Code o​​f Ethics is intended to be used on a day-to-day basis to guide behaviour and decision-making.Individual chief constables will decide how they will embed the Code of Ethics in their forces.The Colleg​​e of Policing has developed a number of resources to help.These include an Assessment Guide to help forces:​Embedding t​he Code of Ethics is about enhancing many of the good arrangements that already exist.For example, t​he Code of Ethics will act as a reminder of what the expected standards are, and these will be reinforced in training courses, all other learning and development products, all policies and procedures, human resources processes (such as recruitment and vetting), and an array of resources available to users online.​From April 2013 onwards, the College consulted as widely as possible in order to gain a good idea of what people wanted to see in a Code of Ethic​s for policing.​The consult​​ation took in every police force, all the main staff associations and trade unions, as well as a wide range of external stakeholders such as the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary, British Transport Police and other non-Home Office forces, academia and, most importantly, the public.

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