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Other looks-based rating sites include Rate My (an early site, launched in the Summer of 1999) and Name My Vote, which asks users to guess a person's political party based on their looks.

Some sites are devoted to rating the appearance of pets (e.g.

Com), nightclubs, business professionals, clothes, cars, and many other subjects. Roggman examined whether facial attractiveness was linked to geometric averageness.

When rating sites are dedicated to rating products (, brands (, services, or businesses rather than to rating people (, and are used for more serious or well thought-out ratings, they tend to be called review sites, although the distinction is not exact. To test their hypothesis, they selected photographs of 192 male and female Caucasian faces; each of which was computer scanned and digitized.

Some claim they potentially expose users to sexual predators.

Most rating sites suffer from similar self-selection bias since only highly motivated individuals devote their time to completing these rankings, and not a fair sampling of the population.

Yet others are devoted to disliked men (Douche Bag Alert), bowel movements (, unsigned bands (Rate Bands, politics (Rate My Tory.

For example, My Space and Trade Pics have optional "rank" features for users to be rated by other users.

One category of rating sites, such as Hot or Not or Hot Flation, is devoted to rating contributors' physical attractiveness.,, and Another class allows users to rate short video or music clips.

One variant, a "Darwinian poetry" site, allows users to compare two samples of entirely computer-generated poetry using a Condorcet method.

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