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“They followed me out to LA, where they filmed my early struggles to find work; to this day, people still recognize me from that episode.” Another fun fact about her time on True Life – that’s how Jolé met former Little Women: LA cast member Traci Harrison Tsou. She is proud to be four-foot-two now, but she used to lie about her height – and say she was shorter.Growing up as a little person was never easy for Jolé, who reveals that she was once excluded from a high school show choir group because of her short stature.“I mean, it's not something that I'm very proud of,” she acknowledges to ET.“There are actually quite a few moments in [the book] that I'm very embarrassed about.I'm not going to do a book called I May Be Little, But I Am Fierce,” she says with a laugh.

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“Turns out that there’s not a lot of mainstream work in Hollywood for four-foot-two blondes with dwarfism, no matter how talented you are,” she writes.“I get into the moments that I feel like really changed me as a person,” she reveals.Jolé tells ET that her primary focus is on inspiring others with her story.Jolé writes that she was arrested for a DUI after drinking too much champagne at the wrap party for Jackass 3D.Jolé confessed that this was the story that she was most nervous to share and does not specify exactly when the arrest occurred.

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