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I have this bottle, unopened, with all liquors inside.I have been told that my grandfather brought it back from Europe during World War II.If you could give me any info at all about this bottle I would really appreciate it. I know that this is a reproduction, but I was wondering if it is worth anything at all except sentimental value.

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Any information or resources you have would be greatly appreciated....Here is a description: The bottle is about 10" tall in the shape of a tall, narrow arch.It isn't really one bottle at all, it's four separate bottles connected within a gold colored metal frame.Witht eh crack the bottle has little monetary value. I would like to know approximately the date of the bottle and value. PAUL JACOBSPaul, I sure wihs I had a picture of your bottle. Yours being clear very likely dates it to 1890-1910. It has a rolled lip and and is in the shape of a violin or bass fiddle. Digger Found your site today and wondered if you knew anything about a bottle I have. The bottle is square with rounded edges and the top part ( shoulder ? There is no seam on the lip and I think it is an applied blob.Your other bottle is well known, but popular with many collectors. The bottle has the strings embossed on it with a wheat style design going up the base and sides. I was reading some questions given to you, and like a lady who wrote, I too, have a Park and Tilford bottle that plays "How Dry I Am." You asked her if it was an embossed bottle or a label. IT is a square type with a green/blue tint and it has words on 3 sides. The sides of the bottle have lines, dents and what appears to be somewhat like scratches ( I don't think it's scratched ) on them. It almost looks like a curved line that runs from corner to corner where the flat sides turn to round shoulder. Carrie it is very difficult in many cases to identify a bottle without embossing.

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