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Despite first impressions, Taiga is generally good natured to the point of giving up her own happiness for her best friend’s sake.

Five years after winning the World Martial Arts tournament, Son Goku now lives a peaceful life with his wife, Chichi and son, Gohan.

Takasu Ryuuji is a gentle, kind-hearted high school student.

Unfortunately, his extremely intimidating face often has him labelled as a delinquent.

That all changes, however, when Goku’s older brother, Raditz, lands on Earth one day, claiming to be one of the few surviving members of the Saiyan race – which includes Goku himself!

The Saiyans were a proud warrior race but after their homeworld was annihilated during Goku’s infancy, they are but a memory.

If it doesn't have that, a manga, and with sparser backgrounds and little (if any) shading — but, contrariwise, it frequently uses screentone patterns to set the emotional tone of a scene, and frames are rarely solely rectangular and borders are often absent.

The petite but fierce assassin, Akatsuki, is a skilled player within the world of Elder Tale.

Crushing on each other’s best friends, Taiga and Ryuuji form an impromptu alliance in order to help each other achieve their crushes. She’s the Palmtop Tiger, a sharp-tongued, short-fused barrel of explosives that decks the halls of Ohashi High School on a daily basis.

Her temperament makes her incredibly difficult to approach despite her incredibly small frame.

And even this is variable; popular female leads sometimes gain a male fan following, to the degree of the infamous older male fanbase.

In anime and manga fandom, there is quite a lot of jargon that most people within the community don’t quite get. In Japanese, the term “chibi” is a derogatory word used to describe people who are small in stature, or in contemptuous reference to little kids.

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