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The lava dome at Mount St Helens is not a million years old!

At the time of the test, it was only about 10 years old. How then can we accept radiometric-dating results on rocks of unknown age?

93)Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, performed the K-Ar dating for Austin et al. However, when they did, their website clearly stated in a footnote that their equipment could not accurately date rocks that are younger than about 2 million years old ("We cannot analyze samples expected to be younger than 2 M.

Y."; also see discussions by advanced equipment, 'memory effects' can be a problem with very young samples (Dalrymple, 1969, p. That is, very tiny amounts of argon contaminants from previous analyses may remain within the equipment, which precludes accurate dates for very young samples.

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For example, we need to know how much ‘daughter’ was present in the rock when it formed.

Second, and most importantly, we know exactly when the lava dome formed.

This is one of the rare instances in which, to the question, ‘Were you there? ’ The dating method Dr Austin used at Mount St Helens was the potassium-argon method, which is widely used in geological circles.

In June of 1992, Dr Austin collected a 7-kg (15-lb) block of dacite from high on the lava dome.

A portion of this sample was crushed and milled into a fine powder.

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