Dating the age of tires

.........since tires is just about the only thing I know about..........

Please drop me a note if you have a topic you want to see: [email protected] Tire Update April 2015: NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration), the branch of the US government that regulates tires (and in this case, what is required to appear on the sidewall), has annouced that they have run out of 2 digit plant codes (see below) and are making a change to a 3 digit plant code.

Also, there are different types of tires that require DOT coding.

This lists only addresses Passenger, Truck, and Motorcycle tires (3 separate lists!

It's even more important with the kind of weight and load that your RV puts on them.

Date codes Every tire has this code on the sidewall.

If you drive a vehicle every day, you'll probably wear out the tread in less than five. So your tires will probably need to be replaced before the tread wears out.

To make the transition easier, NHTSA has reserved a series of 3 digits codes starting with the number "1" (One) followed by the previous 2 digit codes.

It is NOT required that everone use this coding system, but I expect everyone to do so.

) So looking at the DOT code to the left - the plant code is "VW" = Sumitomo in Osaka, Japan - and the size code is "VK" = 255/50R16 (or maybe something else! The exact coding is up to the tire manufacturer - and is different between tire manufacturers.

The coding is optional, but since many tire manufacturers use the code to track returns, I don't know of anyone who doesn't use this coding.

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