Dating vintage boy scout badge how dating evolved

Boy Scouting troop flags are red with white lettering over white with red lettering; Varsity Scouting team flags are orange over white with yellow lettering on both halves.

BSA rules and regulations also forbid the use of Scouting emblems for commercial or political purposes.This was done to relate those older Boy Scouts to Explorers, which wore the same uniform shirt, but by the early 1980s, the red beret and the Leadership Corps concept had been discarded.The Boy Scout uniform during the 1950s–1970s continued to have a monochrome light green (khaki-green) color for both shirts and shorts or trousers.When Exploring was moved to Learning for Life in 1998, the new Venturing division used the spruce green shirt with charcoal gray pants.The uniform had, for some years, been referred to as the "field uniform", but the BSA now uses the terms "official Boy Scout uniform", "official Venturing uniform" and the like.

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