Dating wedgwood china

The arms swivel right and left and move up and down.

Height 16″.2 Available Virginia Metalcrafters, under license to Colonial Williamsburg, skillfully reproduced these candesticks from the gracefully designed originals using ancient techniques to give them a destinctive mellow patina.

Length 14 5/8″; Depth 9 1/2″; Handle Height 5 1/8″.

An early piece from the Williamsburg Reproduction Program, this wooden candlestand is copied from an English antique, circa 1770.

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This service is further enhanced by its scarce Williamsburg rolled-edge tray. This service is further enhanced by its scarce Williamsburg rolled-edge tray. The large pitcher is a reproduction of a silver original from the renowned London silversmith, Samuel Hitchcock, Circa 1728-1729.

With exquisite turnings, solid base and tray top, this mahogany candlestand is both useful as well as ornamental. From the Colonial Williamsburg Collection, these mahogany trays and wine server are from top to bottom: AP123 ROUND TRAY was made in the early 1950's and copies an English antique. CW126 WINE SERVER cradles the wine and will catch any drips. AP105 SMALL TRAY is 6 1/2″ in Width and 9 1/2″ in Length.

Adapted from a late 18th Century antique, this expertly executed spoon rack is both decorative and useful.

The Stieff Company was a Licensee for the Williamsburg Reproduction Program up until the late 1980's.

Stieff made numerous pieces from which we have a fine selection to choose including, pitchers, sauce boats, and more.

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