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This statement binds King Solomon and his Building of the Temple with the operative and speculative Freemasons.

The Building of King Solomon's Temple makes a central religious statement: "There is but one God".

Now keeping in mind the attitude of official Roman-Catholic Church towards Freemasonry this seems rather interesting..... Gazzo, editor of PS Review of Freemasonry ( Italiano ) CD & BOOK-REVIEWS (It-En-Fr) CULTURAL MASONIC CENTRE PRINS FREDERIK The Hague, The Netherlands.

Gazzo, editor of PS Review of Freemasonry ( Italiano ) FORAS ELEMENTAIS OU ESPRITOS DA NATUREZApelo Ven. Frre Yasef Yoaf 32, Loge Humanitas #33 LOrient d Istanbul, G. Travail prsent le 16 Mars 2004 dans la Loge Hildegarde de Bingen #767 l Orient de Nice GLNF LANDMARKS AND OLD CHARGES by R. By WB Don Falconer Lodge Endeavor No 429, The United Grand Lodge of New South Wales, Australia. A PLURALIDADE DE RITOS MANICOS NO BRASIL e no Grande Oriente do Brasil, em Ven. Irmo Lucas Francisco GALDEANO 33, Presidente do Conselho Editorial do Jornal Egrgora - rgo Oficial de Divulgao do Grande Oriente do Distrito Federal - GOB.

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