Dating your fender strat

Also, The bottom and sides of the neck cavity should be absolutely plain and free of any paint.If they''re not, take a piece of sandpaper and rework your cavity until you see the plain wood.

We receive a lot of emails about this subject, so we made a list of the most demanded mods.They sand away the paint on top of the inertia bar (a.k.a "tremolo block") that is attached to the bottom of the tremolo bottom plate for a better tone transfer.At first I thought that it was voodoo and marketing, but later I had to take out the inertia bar on one of my own Strats, and since it was out anyway, I gave it a try and the result was stunning.Brass or stainless steel saddles are also a good choice for a Strat.- Tuners: Different tuners will make a difference in your tone; heavier tuners like most Grover products will give you more sustain and a stronger and louder primary tone.

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