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The length of studies is determined by the entry line through which the student gets accepted.When studying on a part-time basis, the student can achieve the Master’s degree in 1,5 years, however with flexibility both ways.Con REM enables you to cooperate with people of different social, cultural and professional backgrounds, to adapt to foreign environments and to become acquainted with different mentalities and habits.

First year studies of Con REM (60 ECTS during semesters 1 and 2) will be organized by Metropolia (Helsinki).

Specific contents, like project development and project management as well as life cycle management, and general subjects, such as soft skills and leadership, are taught - all in context of international business.

Accordingly this programme is taught completely in English.

Second year studies (semesters 3 and 4) will be in HTW Berlin.

Content Con REM provides you a combination of engineering, economics, management and communication.

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