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Bad personal hygiene: The only smells you want to encounter on your date are ones that involve food or cologne!

Bad sex: Expected to find this in the men’s list, didn’t you? Apparently good sex is pretty important to some women, too.

She sat down with Russ Mitchell to discuss deal-breakers and deal-makers in relationships.

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We all have our own little things that can instantly give us 'the ick' about the person we're dating.

Manners do matter, as 44% said being inconsiderate and impolite was a red light.

More than a third (37%) admitted that vaping would deter them on a date, compared to 27% of those who listed smoking.

Also not-remotely-surprisingly high on the list was people who kept using their damn phones. But weirdly, 23% said they'd be put off if someone had a cracked phone screen.

Those things are genuinely expensive to fix dammit!

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