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The Hollywood actress and the folk-rock singer-songwriter started dating earlier this year but have now split, according to Natalie is young and they just were very different ultimately.” The pair, who are both 27, started romancing in March after The Other Boleyn Girl star appeared in Devendra’s music video for his song Carmensita.I'll be playing a concert and someone will say, 'I hear you draw.Perhaps you should show your work sometime,' or I'll be exhibiting at a gallery and someone will ask, 'Do you still make music? These two worlds are totally isolated from each other, and I like that."Given Banhart's own history, the polarity in his working life doesn't seem so surprising.Now he revels in his dual identity."Well I am a Gemini," he says. ' I'm genuinely frustrated by the fact that when I open my mouth to sing, it doesn't sound like this guy."So Banhart waited until his mother went out."And my two vocations aren't worlds apart."I believe we are all dual beings. Also – and I think this is important – I was singing as a woman when I was a child."Banhart explains that when he was eight years old, the ubiquitous music in Venezuela was salsa, merengue and cumbia. He then put on one of her dresses, picked up a comb and sang into it as if he was a woman."It worked," he says.

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