Dll updating plus

A few days ago, I booted into Windows after quite some time, and I checked for updates and there were a lot of new updates (more than 2GB! To finish the update process I had to reboot and after that a lot of problems showed up!I can't run many basic programs, such as IE and sidebar!Since it is an OEM image, it will format your hard drive but it will be properly activated and genuine.If you choose the in-place upgrade, then you must use the product key on you laptop's product key sticker to perform the installation, then follow the instructions to reactivate by phone (be prepared to key in a long string of numbers to the phone, then listen for the long string of numbers to activate the operating system) I do have the recovery disc for my laptop.When searching for how to do this, I found this answer, which says that such a large amount of corrupt system-files can only be fixed using an "Inplace Upgrade" or "Repair Installation".

You can see the suggestions we gave on how to solve your problem by scrolling up on the page.You can get our update article that relates to your operating system version by using the links below. Below you can find a list of errors that can be received when the Native reverb library is missing.If you have come across one of these errors, you can download the Native reverb library by clicking on the "Download" button on the top-left of this page.I don't know that an "Inplace Upgrade" or "Repair Installation" will break my genuine Windows activation status or [email protected] I have already seen the KB article that sent (I've linked it in my question), and details in that article are not enough to do the repair. Thanks anyway though :) I experienced the same problems after being away and my system installed some Windows updates (which I think caused the issue).

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