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Eells soon moved to the site with his family and began working to establish Whitman Seminary.Despite Eells's desire to locate Whitman Seminary at the Whitman mission site, local pressure and resources provided a way for the school to open in the burgeoning town of Walla Walla.Of special note: the Johnston Wilderness Campus, which is used for academic and social retreats.

The oldest building on campus is the administrative center, Whitman Memorial Building, commonly referred to as "Mem".

Ultimately, this program was unable to raise enough capital; in 1912, the plan was abandoned and Whitman College returned to being a small liberal arts institution, albeit with increased focus on co-curricular activities.

Whitman's 117 acre campus is located in downtown Walla Walla, Washington.

Marcus Whitman and Narcissa Whitman, along with 12 others were killed by a group of Cayuse Indians during the Whitman Massacre.

While at the site, Eells became determined to establish a "monument" to his former missionary colleagues in the form of a school for pioneer boys and girls.

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