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From the adult, ‘eroge’ dating sims to the more innocent high-school love type games, dating sims have been quite the staple of Japanese gaming due to its extremely dedicated audience and diversity.In many ways, this is somewhat true – real, hardcore otaku have been known to go to great extremes in their dedication to their ‘girlfriends’, doing things such as actually celebrating their birthdays and doing other things that I’m hesitant to type here in this review, and have become more and more the reclusive ‘hikikomori’ stereotype.

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It is often viewed as a way for low self-esteemed nerds to escape the real world and that pesky little activity known as ‘socialising’ and hiding from the horrors of rejection and failure.There’s a lot of buzz about this new dating sim for the DS called Love Plus.This one takes the virtual girlfriend idea a step further than most — getting the girl is one step, but one you’re officially an item, you’re supposed to engage with your new girlfriend in real time by taking her out on dates, making plans, and planning things together.The fact that everything from their hair style, hair colour and the wide variety of outfits they can wear in combination to their hair, definitely helps give the graphics much visual variety.Most importantly, the girls are all wonderfully animated throughout the game.

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