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The small branch of an alder tree grew across the boardwalk at one place.

One had to push the branch down and step over it, or stoop and get under it – but no one ever cut it off.

One did not ask directions on how to get to Fishtown, but it might be discovered.

One did not ask how to behave when visiting Fishtown – that was either apparent or it was not.

Two seconds with a lopper would have done the job, but the branch remained unharmed for years, and every day it was in the way – in the way of all visitors and all residents, going back and forth.

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Sund wrote in his election pamphlet, “Right now, most people are not satisfied.“A self-taught painter, Charles Krafft began his career in earnest in 1969 at the age of 20 after relocating from San Francisco to the rural Skagit Valley in northern Washington State.Formerly home to mystic painter Morris Graves, this area became central to a group of artists collectively known as the Northwest School.Paul Hansen, a poet and Chinese scholar, lived in between Miller and Jorgensen.And there were others, but it was actually a very small place with a very small permanent population. It was rickety, some of the boards were loose, and some were missing.

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