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As LGBT members we know the view of the church leaders. This was changed when Heavenly Father felt it was time to change. In 10 years, 30 years, maybe even 50 years we might look back on today and find it crazy what things were like today. them” approach, even against their own family members. — Ethan Mills When I read the words of Elder Oaks, it was like a gun pointed towards my head telling me, either you have to be like this, or you cannot live.

We already know the Family: A Proclamation to the World. But we need to fight for it NOW and show and prove to Heavenly Father (no one else) that we need change to happen. I’m not a scholar or good with words but I hope I have expressed what I’m thinking and feeling just now. It’s so ironic, when he spent the whole time quoting The Family: A Proclamation to the World…and yet, his rhetoric rips families with LGBTQ members apart. I don’t deny that I felt as if all that I had to hope for was overthrown.

I have given Elder Oaks’ talk some thought and I’m not offended by it. We get and feel so much love from everyone we know. So we can receive the full blessings of the Gospel in time.

When my partner and I got together I prayed and I prayed that I would know where I stand in the plan of salvation. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and Simon. I often think about black members and the priesthood. — Crystal Noel Perry For those who were either listening or watching conference and heard Oaks talk, please remember that you are loved and we need to stick by each other.

I have hope that through time, if we keep the faith, then we by being active will make things change — Stewart Penman I’m so disheartened by this talk. I’m absolutely not surprised it was addressed so early on in the conference. Talks like this tend to negate positive effects of affirming videos, like the Mackintosh’s story…especially because the affirming video only reaches so many ears, while conference addresses have a far wider reach. I saw a huge gap between my religious life in the church and the church itself. But remembering other church leaders in their speeches and the advance that some LGBT Mormons have achieved within the church, made me think that, what Elder Oaks said was his own thinking about the LGBT Mormon community and not a law spoken by the Lord.

But what is so sad to me is how he framed it…his emphasis on the need for church members to stand up for what is “right,” even against family members and friends who oppose their “right” and “righteous” views. Because I truly believe that Heavenly Father loves me as I am and how I live today. I feel my heart smile, for the Lord is happy when I gather with others who belong to him, even when those others do not consider me to belong to him.

Oaks’ talk, “The Plan and the Proclamation.” Many expressed concern that Elder Oaks’ talk would be divisive within families and cause a hardening of attitudes toward members of the LGBTQIA community, and expressed concern about his talk being particularly influential because of his prominence within the Quorum of the Twelve. I strongly believe Heavenly Father will change things when we, the LGBT community, prove that there needs to be a change made.

However, it would be a mistake for me to take Elder Oak’s talk as a stand-alone epistle on the Doctrine of Christ. When I put it together with other talks and listen to the spirit then I can begin to piece together God’s love and messages that he is trying to convey, and I will get a personal message from it.It honestly feels like walking into beautiful blue waters of the ocean to be bitten and attacked by a great white shark.The church presents such a beautiful picture and inviting atmosphere.— Todd Brady de Garcia I fell in love with Zwick’s talk, and Ballard’s was powerful too.To me, it sounded just slightly like they were calling out Oak’s talk.

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