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White Dwarf is a magazine published by British games manufacturer Games Workshop since 1977 that has become deeply influential in the miniature war gaming and role-playing game communities.Its artwork and ideas have also influenced a generation of writers, artists and video game programmers in the fantasy and science fiction genres.It often includes articles on rules updates, scenarios, campaigns, hobby news, photos of recently released miniatures and tips on building terrain and constructing or converting miniatures.Today the magazine focuses exclusively on miniature war games and thoroughly covers the models, miniatures and hobby material created by Games Workshop.

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone initially produced a magazine called "Owl and Weasel" which ran for approximately twenty-five issues before it evolved into "White Dwarf".The image was also used on the character sheet for the Dwarf character in Hero Quest.In December 2004, White Dwarf published its 300th issue in the United Kingdom and North America.White Dwarf has carried the tag line "Games Workshop's monthly gaming supplement & Citadel miniatures catalogue" for a long period.Grombrindal the White Dwarf is also a special character for the Dwarf faction in Warhammer Fantasy, whose rules are published only in certain issues of White Dwarf (being revamped for the most recent, 8th Edition of the rules).

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