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Why on earth did their daughter — a popular, intelligent and attractive girl — do such a thing?They could find only one clue: Hannah was what is known as an "emo".Before Christmas, Lorraine bought her daughter awardrobe of brightly-coloureddesigner clothes and jeans, but theyhave barely been worn.She has banned Levi from dyingher hair black, but is worried aboutclamping down further in case itcauses further rebellion.While there is a multitude of reasonsfor this epidemic (exam-related stressand bullying to name but two), it ishardly surprising that the emergenceof a sub-culture that appears toglamorise self-harm and even suicideis being regarded with alarm.Inevitably, criticisms of emo cultureare laughed off by those who considerthemselves to be at the heart of it.That was about a zestfor living and seeing life from adifferent angle.

"Emo hasbecome an easy target for ridicule likethis; but the bottom line is emotionaldoes not mean suicide." That is true, of course.

Recently, Levi asked her mother:"Just why do people kill themselves?

""When she asked me that, it made meshudder," says Lorraine, 46, from Alston in Cumbria.

"I was a punkrocker for a while, and he reassuredme it was probably just a phasethat Levi would grow out of.

"But I don't feel it is like the punk rockmovement.

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