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Chatbots are automated programs that help users communicate with businesses and carry out tasks such as online purchases.They were seen at the time as an opportunity for Facebook to dominate business-to-person relationships.She can analyse up to 50 categories of criteria, including astrological signs, people's imperfections and hobbies.If users want Lara to set users up with someone they have to move onto the dating website.

They can carry out automated one to one tasks, including customer service.

The new chatbots being launched by Facebook Messenger are instead aimed at group interaction.

The group bots are not expected to be particularly interactive, providing information rather than conversations.

This experience makes that interaction seamless.' These new Facebook bots will provide real-time updates on a range of subjects - including news, sports and even deliveries ordered online.

Facebook Messenger already supports bots for use by individuals, but the new programs are designed to interact with groups of people.

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