Error updating could not lock rrd

Read More Problem: The Core Config Manager in Nagios XI is saying that there are unapplied changes, but none of the listed objects are marked as modified.Solution: Simply doing the Apply Config should resolve the issue. Read More Problem Description When you attempt to install or upgrade Nagios XI you receive the following error: The following error message is produced: "ERROR: Please add the ' Optional' channel to your Red Hat systems subscriptions Resolving The...settings: You can now turn on/off cacti's builtin authentication.settings: You can control what is logged (create, graph, snmp, update).Forgraphing, munin-cgi-graph is used, and the issue is that it seems that the CGI script is unable to talk to rrdcached.From munin-cgi-graph.log:2011/08/11 Starting munin-graph2011/08/11 [INFO] Looking into drawing/tmp/munin-cgi-tmp/Prod/host1/service1-year.png2011/08/11 [RRD ERROR] Unable to graph/tmp/munin-cgi-tmp/Prod/host1/service1: Unable to connect torrdcached: Connection refused2011/08/11 [RRD ERROR] rrdtool 'graph' '--daemon' \'/opt/munin/master/var/rrdcached/rrdcached.sock' \'/tmp/munin-cgi-tmp/Prod/host1/service1-year.png' \'--title' \[...]2011/08/11 [INFO] Graphed service Prod;host1:service1 (0.00 sec for1 graphs)2011/08/11 Munin-graph finished (0.00 sec)2011/08/11 [WARNING] Could not draw graph"/tmp/munin-cgi-tmp/Prod/host1/service1":/tmp/munin-cgi-tmp/Prod/host1/service1I tried chowning the socket file, but it didn't help.I also tried bindingrrdcached to a tcp port instead of a unix socket, but it didn't work (muninrefused to use something that is not a unix socket).Can you please help me figure out how I can get munin-cgi-graph work withrrdcached?

error updating could not lock rrd-10error updating could not lock rrd-83error updating could not lock rrd-26error updating could not lock rrd-2

Read More Problem Description This KB article addresses the following errors you may see in the file: [1504231962] wproc: Core Worker 68003: Failed to register iobroker for stdout[1504231962] wproc: Core Worker 68003: Failed to register iobroker for...Read More Problem Description In larger deployments of nagios, stopping or restarting the nagios service may result in the error: Nagios did not exit in a timely manner This is due to many factors in large deployments, but basically it is just a timeout issue....Read More Problem Description Bandwidth graphs in Nagios XI are showing no bandwidth.Get assistance the way that works best for you, and we’ll work to ensure your total satisfaction with the results.--upgrade-installed-components ) Details: ERROR: error during prepare patch panel-12.0.18~patch51... The requested URL returned error: 500 Internal Server Error Not all packages were installed. I did verify with a web browser that I can access and download the file specified in the update.

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