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Talking the scene over with my fat lady friends, we all felt that it was unrealistic in that regard.

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Once during college, I visited the local urgent care facility because I was feeling deeply depressed.

For me, the brilliance of Vanessa’s words was that she didn’t position fat women as tragic figures needing pity or shame, nor did she boldly claim sexual empowerment in the name of fat women everywhere.

As a fat, white, middle-class woman like Vanessa, who sometimes dates men, I could relate.

Many people don’t believe sizism is a legitimate form of discrimination worthy of discussion.

There have been times when I’ve tried to discuss my body size as a political issue and I’ve been told I am playing the “Oppression Olympics” or trying to falsely compare sizism to more serious, historical forms of oppression such as racism or sexism and thus detracting from those more politically important conversations.

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