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I would say they've made me more paranoid, lost a bunch of my self-esteem and self-confidence, frightened my family and my church's pastor, made past relationships end prematurely, and with their badmouthing me with exaggerated truths and a few lies, made it a LOT harder for me to get a job when the boss does the Background Check on me.:( h actually, I got the ball rolling myself, in a huge honest mistake.She and I were going to work on a story of a Guardian Owl, and essentially everything from the owl's point of view.the Owl was and still is a King of a kingdom with a human family; he was turned owl by a witch.Plus I use it to feed myself, and I spend out of it for others as well, like gifts, donations, etc.And they misinterpret my comic pages for their judgment and assumptions towards homosexuality, and I hate the Vegetable Pickles; that does not give them the right to go around in Pickle Costumes to tick me off.It was fun, and the butt was good to sit on for a short while, and it included a porn DVD; something like Black Safari; I'd have to look up the DVD to give you the title. The doll had an, what I like to call, internal injury.

I agree, and she was the Dean of Piedmont Virginia Community College.

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I did not want her to apologize, if anything I wanted her to Accept My Apology and move forward in our lives and be friends again. "At a future Social Group Meeting, I was able to let "(WALLFLOWER'S FIRST NAME)" know about my pains, and I would have appreciated an apology. Now she'll have to live the rest of her life with the recurring memory of hurting me like she did. " There are the obvious ones where they mislabel me as a "Coming-out-the-closet gay", a Pedophile, and where they turn my truths I had stated where I was an humble, good person against me by taking my past actions out of context.

The Cwcki has slandered me in for examples, they take the way I spend the money I got from my monthly income out of context; I do a lot more with it than just video games; I give some of it to my mother and father to pay rent, bills and such.

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