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Problem 1: When clicking on the Edit button the Details View will not change the mode until the second click.The edit button required two clicks to change the mode to Edit instead of Read Only.Many of these smaller applications can take advantage of the simple data-binding techniques built into the Visual Studio ASP. These applications can be created quickly, typically do not require much testing, and allow developers to focus on solving business problems rather than building frameworks and reusable objects that might never realize the goal of reusability. Applications that can benefit from this approach often have a common profile: they typically have compressed schedules, are meant to be websites from beginning to end, and might fill a somewhat temporary need.When optimizing for these considerations, you might find that building data-bound applications by using the server controls in ASP. vb Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Dim UC As New User Control UC = Load Control("New Search.ascx") phl Default. Add(UC) End Sub Hi, I have a modal formview with insertitemtemplate.I have to click the insert button twice to fire the event.Unfortunately, some the data that I need to add this business logic is not exposed on the Form View user-interface itself, so I can not use Find Control to get the values (I could add the controls, bind them to the fields I need and set their visible property to true, but that's ugly). NET data source controls, demonstrates how you can bind to data to allow users to interact with it, and presents the new Dynamic Data features of ASP.

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"'s but what I want to see are my variables in there.

The old value was "WHAT" So, when I update the field and click the Update link button, it's getting the new value but for some reason not storing it. edit: Also, it's getting the key "id" just fine with its value of "10" so I'm not sure what to check next...

Edit again: Is there any way to see the SQL statement it's trying to use?

The lesson covers using web server controls such as Grid View, Repeater, Details View, and many more.

The last lesson presents the new Dynamic Data features of ASP.

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