Fred dating the luger pistol

I agree that every serious gun collector should have at least one Lugewr and this one was mine. In all my youthful fantasys I was actualy using the damn thing.IMO a Luger is like a beautiful woman that wont screw and can't cook. Not to say that they ain't great pistols, they are just a little too delicate for me to go around with one stuffed in my pocket.Jim I see what you mean, but the gun has commercial SN placement.I was not aware that after WWI, finished lugers had all markings removed and then were numbered in a commercial style? Does money count when family and history are involved?They were made in .30 Luger because German companies were prohibited under the Versailles treaty from making 9mm pistols except for the police and the small military force.Once again, it is hard to provide more information without good pictures. I didn't think of those for two reasons: 1) Mauser commercials are more scarce than DWMs AND 2) IIRC aren't most (if not all) Mauser commercials actually in 9mm?When the numbers are on bottom aka this gun, those are called "hidden". (Well, OK if the money is good enough maybe ) A Great Find. Despite it being a commercial luger (which you were hoping for something more valuable? You also said all pieces match, and it lacks import stamps. Believe it or not, it bothered me for a long time that my collection lacked a luger until I finally got one.

if im not mistaken, by your analysis i most likely have a 1920 commercial luger. Yes, surplus Lugers were reworked to 7.65mm post-WWI. Post a WTS or WTT (you could do it here as well mind you). (but I has me doubts, some things are worth more than money.But most of the Lugers around in .30 Luger caliber were sold here between wars.They are often referred to as "1920 commercial" Lugers, and most were rebarrelled military surplus guns, though nicely refinished and with the military date removed.But the military style number with the suffix was retained and the new barrel marked accordingly. im going to take some better pics and post them soon. as i am not a gun collector myself and would prefer a more modern day gun for personal use. I dont think Mickey really knew what he had as I sold it to Mr.I'll trade you a gen 2 Glock 17 straight up, even throw in a few extra magazines AND the tupperware box it came in. Wolff that always used to have a table full of them at the DFW shows for 0.

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