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Lifestyle Solutions' decision to remove the children came after one of its caseworkers assessed the carer's home in May."The kitchen sink was stacked with approximately one-foot high of dirty dishes," the Tribunal was told."There were piles of dirty clothes in the bedroom, on the floor and on the beds of children."The bathroom was observed to have several full baskets of dirty laundry.

There were cleaning chemicals sitting on the counter in the bathroom but the bathroom was observed to be unclean and smelled."The toilet was unhygienic and unclean, smelled of urine and faeces."The Tribunal was also told about filthy conditions in the home's kitchen and rancid food being observed in and out of fridges."There was rotten fruit on the kitchen counter which the caseworker observed the carer to offer the child as a snack," the Tribunal heard."There were a number of fridges in the home which were child-locked."The fridge was observed to have no fresh food or vegetables in it and was full of condiments."The Tribunal said returning the children would expose them to an unacceptable risk of harm.

And, even once you have found a great deal, it’s difficult to know what kind of service you’ll get from the provider you ultimately choose. Money Compare credit card comparison tables have been created to give you a transparent and impartial way to compare all the best credit card deals from all providers in one place. ’s unique customer satisfaction ratings, which tell you how thousands of people rate the quality of the service you’ll get from a credit card provider. We receive a market average commission of £35 and up to £85 from some credit card providers when you take out one of their cards through our comparison tables.

With more than 50 years’ experience providing independent expert advice to consumers, you can rest assured that our credit card information and advice is 100% unbiased and from an organisation you can trust. This is to cover the costs of running our comparison tables and goes towards the work that we do campaigning on behalf of all consumers.

This will apply to transactions on any credit or debit card, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The government is introducing this ban thanks to a new EU law, the Payment Services Directive II. has been urging the government to address excessive card fees since March 2011, when it submitted a super-complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The carer is fighting the decision to remove the children and had a stay of proceedings application rejected today.

The case management for the children was transferred from Family and Community Services (FACS) to Lifestyle Solutions in January 2014.

Since April 2012, the government has outlawed retailers from charging fees that are ‘excessive’.If you’ve been charged an excessive fee, you may be able to challenge it – find out how.Under the new ban, retailers will no longer be allowed to charge customers any fees for using a card to make payment.Find out more: Rip-off card charges – see the Which?campaigns against card fees Under the current system, many retailers charge consumers to pay with a credit or debit card, both in person and online.

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