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In the countryside you see almost everyone wear them but as time moves and Western influences in the country rise, there are more also people wearing shorts and jeans.Nevertheless, I had a feeling the Longyi will probably stay for a while.Besides being highly comfortable, Burmese people prefer wearing the Longyi as it keeps the air circulating especially on hot summer days, as one local explained to me in Inle Lake.Every Burmese owns at least one of those stylish pieces printed with different patterns and are explicitly required to be worn on special occasions like weddings.Most of my journey around Myanmar was done in busses – nice ones, local ones, small ones, loud ones and crowded ones. Generally, I found the busses were in better condition than I expected.When you buy a bus ticket in one of the tour shops people will show you what the bus looks like on pictures and I found that they wouldn’t put you on the worse ones.

Oh, and did I mention the yummy Burmese-style breakfast? Myanmar boasts some great local dishes like Mohinga (rice noodles in fish soup), Shan noodles, steamed buns filled with red beans or pork, samosa salad, vermicelli noodles.I can highly recommend taking some motion-sickness tablets and always remember: It’s about the journey, not the destination!Flying is more expensive at around US0 for a one-way as only domestic airlines operate within the country and low-cost carriers like Air Asia get you into the country to Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw, which is the new capital of Myanmar since 2005.I mean it’s exactly the same value, it’s a US dollar note and still I encountered places that rejected the notes and only taking those spotless ones printed from the year 2001 onwards.What a weird habit those money exchangers, banks and restaurants have by only taking spotless US dollar notes.

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