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Let’s say Greece defaults and creditors get 20 cent on the dollar (this is likely wishful thinking).

This means Commerzbank now faces 2.3 billion Euros’ worth of write-downs on its Greek holdings…

The financial world is awash with theories as to how significant the Second Greek Bailout is.

I’m far less concerned with this (the Bailout accomplishes nothing of import and only puts off the coming Greek default by a short period).

Both are super simple to create and make great Christmas Gifts! I purchased my shea butter soap base, mold and colorant from our local Hobby Lobby.

As promised, here are some additional Step by Step pics to help you along the creative process! All you need are some sticker letters, oil-based Sharpies (they MUST be oil-based), and some white mugs (think Walmart or Dollar Store for these). I already have tons of Essential Oils on hand (my favorite are Young Living), but you can purchase essential oils at Old Fashioned Foods or your local health food store.

Monthly meetings are scheduled the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Du Bois Area High School room A203.

Come in the front door, take the first hall to your right then the first door to your right.

La escuché y leí mil veces durante la transición española hacia la democracia.If Commerzbank CEO Martin Blessing could make one wish, he would presumably ask for a few billion euros, or that someone would take the bank’s ailing subsidiary Eurohypo off his hands, or that the entire sovereign debt crisis would simply disappear.But banks, along with their managers and owners, are not allowed to pin their hopes on miracles. And since Commerzbank’s survival is at stake once again, the major shareholder in Berlin is thinking the unthinkable: One-quarter of Germany’s second-largest financial institution already belongs to the state; datablog (which obtains all of its data from publicly accessible records) somehow comes up with numbers that are dramatically different (and higher) from those published by the Bank of International Settlements.which means it’s wiped out 21% of its entire equity…which pushes its leverage levels through the roof and most likely renders it totally insolvent (there is no way Greece is the only toxic junk this bank owns).

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