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Among the 40 percent who got behind him because they were against Clinton, his approval rating slipped from 87 percent in February to 81 percent in June. The 35 percent of independents who approve of how Trump is doing is even lower than the 38 percent who approved of Gerald Ford after he pardoned Richard Nixon.It’s lower at the six-month mark than for any president since Gallup began tracking under Dwight Eisenhower. At this point in Obama’s presidency, 20 percent of Republicans still approved of him. Mehlman, a lifelong Republican, notes that Democrats are right to be encouraged by their strength in the generic ballot, their overperformance in recent special elections and the surge of new candidates filing to run.In 1967, the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans controlled 27 percent of the wealth. Fewer than one in 10 kids were born out of wedlock; now it’s four in 10. There are vastly more women in the workforce, vastly fewer whites with no college degree and one-third of 18- to 34-year-olds now live with their parents. It took just a few months for Candy Crush to reach that milestone. Mehlman notes that the most recent NBC-Wall Street Journal poll asked people who voted for the president whether they did so because they were “for” him or “against” Hillary Clinton.Foreign-born people make up three times the share of the U. Among the 60 percent who said they said they voted for Trump, 95 percent approve of the job he’s doing.The event that was apparently a huge selling point to the president.Jenna Johnson and James Mc Auley report: “French President Emmanuel Macron told Trump in a June 27 phone call about the event, which this year will feature U. and French troops marching through the historic streets near the Arc de Triomphe, fighter jets cutting through the skies above, and flags, horses and military equipment on display — the sort of spectacle that Trump wanted to stage at his own inauguration in January. Trump and Macron are political outsiders in the early months of their presidencies, and their relationship has been defined by public confrontations.…The Wall Street Journal’s Shane Harris reports: “In some cases, the Russians in the overheard conversations talked about meetings held outside the U. involving Russian government officials and Trump business associates or advisers, these people said.

That means passing a bunch of funding and extension bills by Sept.

“Much like Uber, Trump perceived the opportunity to reach directly to the public to disrupt a dysfunctional marketplace that lacked innovation and failed to satisfy consumers. It’s never been close to that since Vietnam and Watergate. Trust in media has been on a steady decline among not just Republicans but also Democrats and independents since Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America in 1972. Dick Cheney said Americans would be “greeted as liberators” in Iraq. Bush told the country to read his lips as he promised no new taxes. Mandatory spending rose from 53 percent of the budget in 1976 to 69 percent in 2016. The only question is whether it will be a big enough wave to let Democrats win the House.

Also much like Uber, he flouted conventions and tested the limits of traditional rules, fighting the entrenched establishment while seeking its acceptance…. It usually leaves observers feeling exhausted, uncertain and ultimately either angry or exhilarated.” In a new Power Point presentation for his clients, Mehlman notes that voters sought change in five of the past six elections. Three in 10 workers were members of labor unions then. The latest studies show only about 20 percent of the country trusts the feds to do the right thing. Bill Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. -- What remains remarkable about the past six months is how durable the president’s support has been among Republicans.

Trump declared his candidacy for the White House, [and] have been in investigators’ possession for some time, but officials said the Donald Trump Jr.

news this week prompted them to look at them again.…

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