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He ended it and kept his marriage together, but still it made a mess of things.Then his job took a turn and became terribly stressful.Here you can interact with hot guys from all over the world in a gay live chat platform.You can talk in the lobby, chat one on one to role play with a single gay guy, and even chat using a microphone.All around are men and women who are, like him, people in transition.Some are new hires at local firms, some are newlyweds, some are newly divorced and some are simply new to town. If you went online and Googled his name—his real name, of course—or if you went to speak to the sheriff’s deputy in charge of such things in this county, you would learn one additional thing about Paul: He is a registered sex offender.

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He is divorced, and he lives alone in a large, well-kept suburban apartment complex.

If you want for the days of old gay text chat you are in luck!

We loved the old chat rooms where you could play out your fantasies in live text chat with guys from all over the world, and so we have recreated these traditional chat rooms in our gay live chat section.

That means that the sheriff’s department doesn’t send out postcards or knock on doors to tell his neighbors who he is and what he has done.

But this sliver of quasi-anonymity may end soon, thanks to a new Ohio law. In fact, he’s grateful to the undercover officers who caught him.

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