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If you add working out to your routine, your relationship with money may benefit from it as well.7.Hang out with frugal friends Your friends can be a huge influence on you, so choose wisely who you spend the most time with.For example, if travel is your thing, check out our top picks for travel credit cards. Download Whats App and Viber Keep in touch with your friends for free with these apps that let you text and talk for free.

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Start thinking of your local library as your friend and explore all the freebies they have to offer — it's not just books.

Ugh, just the phrase "saving money" can make it seem like a herculean task. There are plenty of ways to drop extra money into your bank account that don't require that much effort or thought on your part. You probably are already doing a few (good for you! Lay off the credit cards Swiping credit cards may cause you to spend more than you like.

), but it's always a good reminder to keep you on task! Automate Automating your bank account so part of your paycheck immediately gets dumped into your savings is an easy way to save without really thinking about it. If you're not responsible with your money, try to opt to live credit-card-free.

Using pantry items to clean is not only cheaper, but less toxic for the home as well. Replace your light bulbs Upgrading your light bulbs to more efficient ones can save you a year, and all you have to do is just screw them in!

Read our review of the best soft-glow energy-efficient lightbulb. Try these fun and free activities Having fun doesn't always mean a drain on your wallet.

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