Galaxy angel dating sim walkthrough

I would recommend telling Victor “FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK KISS HIM” for some hilarious dialogue and some pretty satisfying results. Victor and Yuuri care about each other beyond what any coach and skater usually have.

-Wait so for the ENTIRE GAME Victor’s been trying to get with Yuuri? From what the game says, Victor and Yuuri have been mutually pining for a WHILE, and while Victor is subtly courting, Yuuri doesn’t think he’s good enough for Victor despite their closeness.

Even if it doesn’t make any sense at the time, say “Or Yuuri…” Yurio will get massively pissed, but Victor will find this hilarious and say, “Right? While inspecting the seat JJ saved for you, you’ll find a gala program left on the seat next to yours and you can choose to pick it up.

You’ll find a bunch of extremely detailed notes about each skater, but the writer is thinking about Yuuri very personally. If you observe the routes where you DO come in time, you’ll find out your neighbor was supposed to be Victor.

Play through several unique routes as your Zamboni skills attract the attention of the attractive young skaters who might just see beyond your magnificent vehicle to the beautiful maiden behind the wheel!! It cheers him up about 100% in the first half of the game. NEVER offer him a ride in the Zamboni, especially when he wants to skate. She takes her career very seriously, and she loves it when you respect her schedule. -People you can’t diss, EVER: Phichit, Yurio, Victor, the Nishigoris, his family/Minako -PUSHINESS NEVER WORKS. -Fangirling about Victor works 100% of the time, it’s totally okay to fangirl about Victor, he thinks it’s a safe zone.

His Lovers route is extremely hard to get without a guide, and he’s the only character besides JJ who has a hidden route (hence why everyone is impressed with you lmao). A series of freak accidents leads you into becoming the Zamboni operator at the rink hosting an all-stars figure skating gala! Say good things about Yurio; if you fuck this up in the second half you’re 90% guaranteed a bad end. Mila: Always offer a Café date when she’s free, but never when she’s busy. Not even in the first half, and especially not in the second half. You have to answer “The rink is still open,” or else you WILL NOT be able to complete his first event.

There will be five times you can do this but you should only do it twice: during his last practice, and after the gala. Here’s is the long list of requirements to get it: -You MUST have completed Victor AND Yuuri’s True Friend Routes -You have to complete Yurio’s route, which means you have to have completed Otabek’s route -You must have maxed friendship with Yuuko to get the Keys to Ice Castle special item.It’s confirmed in Chris’ route that this phone is Victor’s. daydreaming again, ahaha..." -In Phichit's Lover's route, if you decide to stop by the break room before the banquet, you'll find Yuuri watching over some old Victor routines.-Yuuri's True Friends Route involves you going shopping, and if you examine the jewelry store, you get this bit of dialogue: "Rings... He won't notice you at first, so Phichit will comment that "maybe one day [MC] will watch [Phichit] the way Yuuri watches Victor..." -If you wrongly choose Yuuri's locker to break into during Georgi's route and still decide to search through it, you'll find out that the boy who claimed to have taken down all of his Victor merchandise kept just one of his idol for good luck…It’s obvious Victor adores Yuuri, though, even if Yuuri thinks otherwise.And Yuuri loves him back, so much; why do you think it’s so hard to get his Lover’s route?

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