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When everyone's in the police station, I'm around, as a khaki officer, I do desk work.

Whenever they're booking someone, I'm there." Betty Thomas The tall (she says six foot one) comic actress, finally found fame with a drama part in HSB, winning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1985 Since leaving HSB she has become an accomplished Director / Producer in films like I Spy, Doctor Dolittle, The Brady Bunch Movie, the new Dallas and in 2009 will be on the new Chipmunk sequel. Lucille Bates A tough street wise girl cop, who has a gentler sensitive side that sometimes slips out.

She tries to defuse any concerns about her gender, by acting tough.

Later she becomes a Sergeant and adopts a boy called Fabian, when his 'junkie' mum could not look after him Usually paired (in all senses) with Officer Joseph "Joe" Coffey.

Quick to judge a situation, he often got it wrong, but underneath the tough exterior was a gentle and caring man.

His relationship with partner Bobby Hill was explored throughout the series and his catch phrase was "Lordy, Bobby Hill" Dan Hedaya So perfectly cast to play the sleazy 'bent cop' Macafee.

As well as appearing on TV in shows like Starsky and Hutch, NYPD Blue, ER and The King of Queens, he is also credited with several movies.

In the eighties she made the moved to LA and after a few 'bit parts' landed the role in HSB.

Judith is the eldest daughter of Oklahoma State University basketball coach the late Paul Hansen After many stage performances, she secured a part in in St Elsewhere and then Moonlighting, Plus two films, Creator and Vision Quest.

He was booked for one episode but the executives at NBC had seen the strong connection with his partner Michael Warren and decided there was a future for the Hill and Renko team.

Officer Andy Renko The tough 'red neck' officer sometimes lets his temper get him into trouble.

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