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Stand out by not being one of those generic messages that get ignored all too quickly.If someone took the time to write something about themselves in their profile, you should take the time to read what they had to say and be able to cherry pick a conversation starter out of it. " is a strategy leading nowhere, may be tempted to create a copy and paste template for their first message.There is sure to be at least one nugget of information you can capitalize on for conversation if you really look.Paying close attention to a match's profile is a great way to uncover topics of importance to both of you, which goes a long way toward starting a great conversation. Instead, think about a way to discuss the subject meaningfully or with a decent amount of humor.In such a case, it is probably best to look to facts and data to take an educated guess as to what might prove fruitful as a conversation starter.

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Even if all they listed was their alma mater, you can ask something about their university’s sports team or how they liked attending college there.

In short, it’s not cool to write out one generic message that you blast across your list of prospective matches.

Not only does the monotony of the message become obvious, but it makes it very clear that you’re looking at online dating as more of a numbers game than an actual chance to get to know someone.

The problem with this strategy is that, in reality, the message will simply be ignored as your match proceeds to have a conversation with someone who sent a more substantive first message.

According to a piece, online dating app users converse with less than 10% of their matches.

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