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The only downside might be that you have to pay in order to message with the members.That can be a bummer but it is very easy to navigate, easy to use and they have lots of members if you've ever been on these sites you know how important this is.Mine sweepers were constantly in operation, but the results remained unsatisfactory. It appeared as if the Germans had mines that the British were unable to detect.To address the problem, the head of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, ordered the navy to obtain a sample of Germany's new weapons -- whatever the cost.The situation became even more menacing when the Germans began dropping their bombs in mid-November 1939.British commercial shipping was brought to a virtual standstill.The steel structures were boxes the size of two-story apartment buildings, each of them perched on massive concrete piers and connected by walkways. When the fog lifted the next day, the scope of the catastrophe was clearly visible from the shore.

More than 100 ships sank in the first few months of the war, and their cargos, so vital to the British and their war effort, sank along with them.For those who like a bit toned down approach to dating, this is for you.Clusters of steel huts and manned triumphal arches: From bizarre fortresses off the coast, the British military fought German mine layers in World War II.Traveling at full speed, the Swedish freighter slammed into a group of strange steel hulks.The accident happened about six kilometers off the east coast of England in the late afternoon of March 1, 1953.

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