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Her advice starts from the same place: Figure out who you are as a single person.Find out which character traits and values are most important to you in a partner and work on developing those same qualities in yourself.“Like attracts like,” she said.

Others are so afraid of being alone, they are willing to settle for the next person who comes along.

Keep your head held high, focus only on the future and never let those negative thoughts take hold.

Get your arse out of the house and start going to classes at the gym, the local community centre, private lessons for learning a new subject/topic and get out of the house.

But you shouldn’t rely on them, because women (and men) are incredibly judgemental when it comes to online dating and looks play a big part. Start approaching women every single day, at least one.

The more women you approach, the more dates you will arrange and the more sex you will get if you just keep pushing through that comfort zone.

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