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Goodreads is not just about readers, it's about influencers.

Goodreads users aren't interested in collecting free books they never read – they are real readers, book buyers, serious reviewers, bloggers (over one-fifth of users are book bloggers! Readers who want to buy -- and to talk about and review -- your book.

CNN News credited Goodreads as being one of the main reasons that the got to the level of popularity that it did.

The author was there and she was (and still is) active.

LATEST NEWS: UPDATES: Check out Section 7 for course/Goodreads updates.

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Reviews on Goodreads have so much more credibility than reviews on Amazon – and they can be tougher – which is why you don't want to dive in unschooled in how to use the site.

We will update the course as soon as possible but it will take a little while as we're currently on different continents!

Please note that the Goodreads dashboard now looks a little different to that shown in the lectures but the content is the same. We would be very grateful if you could let us know of any big differences on Goodreads.

They are changing/improving it all the time and you may come across things we haven't seen if we haven't published a book ourselves for a few months!

This isn’t the first book-related project that Amazon has killed off.

They did the same thing with Stanza (a once popular ebook reading app) and Mobipocket (a once popular ebook store).

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