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The camcorder bore witness to the fact that I did fall asleep for twelve minutes forty-three seconds.

(when we watched the playback Granny asked me, "Were you that bored? When I opened my eyes, I thought it had only been a prolonged blink.

Her epiglottis gently massaging my glans with a muted gag-reflex. Her throat seemed to contract gripping my cock, stimulating me to the heights of sexual delight.

I wanted Granny to enjoy this too, with my right hand I cupped her pubic bone, palming her, at the same time my fingers were able to toy with her clitoris.

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Slowly I started to extract my fingers from her anus, while keeping my other hand in her vagina.It was this gentle snoring that took my attention back to granny's parted lips, the inviting portal to her warm wet mouth.Carefully I turned her so she lay across the bed, once again on her back.As if to affirm this, I tried once again to get my thumb into Granny's anus, really I was only half aware of this, until I watched the video playback.Granny cried out in pain, this I think brought me back to full consciousness.

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